Here you can find a selection of the talks I have given, including invited seminars, colloquia and workshop talks.

String Phenomenology

This has been the major conference for most of my research where I was invited as plenary speaker: 2014 (ICTP), 2017 (Virginia Tech), 2018 (Warsaw), 2019 (CERN), 2020 (Northeastern)

Conferences with Machine Learning Focus

String_Data 2020, CERN (December 2020). XAIENCE 2019, Crossing over the AI and Science, Seoul (Nov. 2019). First French– German Meeting in Physics, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence Theory, Paris (Nov. 2019). Deep Learning and Physics (DLAP 2019), Kyoto (Oct. 2019). Workshop on Machine Learning in Geometry and Physics (Sanya, China). Big data in string theory (Northeastern University, Boston, USA), invited plenary talk and leader of break-out group (Nov. 2017).

International conferences

Conference on Recent Developments in Strings and Gravity, Corfu (Sep. 2019). Conference on Geometry and Strings, Ringberg Castle (July 2018). Grand Unification in the Real World BCTP, Bonn. Post-inflationary string cosmology, University of Bologna (Sept. 2017). Gordon Research Conference on String Theory & Cosmology (Lucca, Italy), plenary talk due to poster prize (May 2017). String/M-theory Compactifications and Moduli Stabilisation (MCTP, Ann Arbor), overview talk (March 2015), New Challenges for String Phenomenology, Madrid (September 2012), String Phenomenology, Simons Center Stony Brook (April 2012)


University of Cambridge, DAMTP HEP/GR colloquium (2018) University of Surrey, Departmental Colloquium in Mathematics (2018)

Invited Seminars

ETH Zürich, DESY, Tsinghua University, University of Oxford, LMU Munich, Liverpool University, HRI Allahabad, Bologna University, JGU Mainz, TU Munich, University of Bonn, ITP Heidelberg, DAMTP Cambridge, ICTP Trieste

Workshops and other talks

MITP workshop on String Theory, Geometry and String Model Building (Mainz, Germany), plenary talk (Sep. 2018). DPG Frühjahrstagung (Münster, March 2017): topical workshop on gravitational waves, invited talk. Alsatian workshop on X-ray polarisation (University of Strasbourg), plenary talk (Nov. 2017). Patras 2016, plenary talk (June 2016). GGI String Pheno Cosmo (Florence), plenary talk (October 2015). Workshop on Supersymmetry Breaking in String Theory (Newton Institute Cambridge), plenary talk (March 2014). HKIAS workshop on Cosmology and String Theory (April 2011)