I am very happy to be working with the following students:

  • Marc Syvaeri (PhD student): Symmetries ∩ ML
  • Rene Kroepsch (Master student)
  • Sebastian Mayer (Master student)
  • Nicolas Baron Perez (Master student)
  • Lukas Ranftl (Master student: joined with Stella Seitz, Jochen Weller)
  • Felix Schmid (Master student)
  • Yuyang Wang (Master student)
  • Christoph Kohl (Bachelor student)

Former students in our team were:

  • Philip Betzler (PhD student)
  • Mathis Gerdes (Master student): Differential geometry ∩ ML
  • Kai Gipp (Bachelor student)
  • Simon Schallmoser (Master student, co-supervised with Jochen Weller)

If you are interested in joining our team to work on topics at the intersection of physics and machine learning, please feel free to contact me. We have available projects.